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Greg D: Bio

The Bio of Greg D and His Various Musical Meanderings Greg Di Gesu (aka Greg D) was born in the height of Beatlemania, May 1965. In connection with being born during this fab time, his inspiration to play and write music was sparked by the murder of John Lennon 15 years later in 1980. It was in the immediate wake of Lennon’s death that Greg swam in the outpouring of Beatles’ music. His first exposure had been through the carnival of Sgt Pepper’s in 1967 at the age of 2. The circus-like musical atmosphere and packaging was attractive to a toddler. The imagery and sounds of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds was definitely an early springboard. Forward to college, two songwriters, Paul Rieder and Greg Di Gesu meet. They become a complimentary team. The Wooden Soldiers quickly became local New Brunswick, NJ faves. They achieved national attention with 1987’s debut “Hippies, Punks, and Rubber Men” on Absolute A-Go-Go Records. Some touring followed and great reviews were aplenty. Departing bassist, Paul Marangelo, was replaced with Matt Coleman (now know as Claude Coleman Jr., drummer for Ween). The full length follow up, “Lazy Man’s Load”, was completed with prior recording engineer, Henry Hirsch (of Lenny Kravitz notoriety). After the departure of songwriter/guitarist Paul Rieder, Di Gesu made “Roses of Steel” as Wooden Soldiers, but minus half the songwriting force. This album was recorded by Adam Lasus (Red) in Philadelphia circa 1990 and released on Well Primed Records.

During the span of The Wooden Soldiers, Greg began learning the art of studio recording under the guidance of Henry Hirsch. The result was full time house engineer at Waterfront Studios in Hoboken, NJ for 6 years. With the success of the Waterfront-recorded Lenny Kravitz records, Di Gesu remained a busy studio technician working with a great variety of artists and in different styles. This helped his music and visions considerably. Presently Di Gesu engineers at different studios as well as his own home studio. He has received 2 platinum records. The first for Lenny Kravitz’s Are You Gonna Go My Way and another for John Mayer’s Room For Squares. John Mayer also won the award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Your Body Is a Wonderland" at the 45th Grammy Awards in New York City. Greg has also worked with Jimmy Scott, Guided By Voices, Elliott Smith, and had remixes appear on Antonio Carlos Jobim’s release, “The Man From Ipanema” (Polygram).

Abandoning the steady band member idea, the next endeavor was Fishermen’s Stew. This concept featured a bunch of rotating musicians from the years 1991-1999. This name refers to the “catch of the day" and sometimes the personnel from show to show was just that! There were many spontaneous moments and really good performances. Within that time the band released some singles, notably on Dada Records domestically and on Berlin-based Twang! Records. The two full-length CD’s were Letter To Norway in 1995 (DaDa Records) and Hand To Mouth in 1997 (Get Hooked Records). Speedsters and Dopers were founded in NYC in June of 2000. The music would not be of the hippie variety nor would it be heavy metal, as some may assume from its namesake. Instead there was a sound encompassing early Bowie and the songwriting stylings of Lennon & Reed with the lyrical focus of Dylan. The band kicked into high gear live with the spontaneity of true rock ‘n’ roll performance. At times the stage melded with theater as the vocal stylings and bodily meanderings of Di Gesu held the attention of both eyes and ears. Their debut, 9 o’clock in the Afternoon was released in 2003 on Get Hooked Records to welcoming ears. Two songs from this album are in the film, “I’m Reed Fish”.

Greg then put together a great band to get his songs into the ears of the world. Ryan Thornton on drums (Rana / Sean Bones), Dave Dreiwitz on bass (Ween / Bustle in Your Hedgerow / Marco Benevento), Jack Petruzzelli playing guitar (The Fab Faux / Patti Smith Group / Joan Osborne), and Arne Wendt (Como Drive / Phedonia) on Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, and piano. Greg D is playing guitar and singing his songs. Their 2006 release, "My Little Monkey Got Caught" garnered adoration by fans and critics alike. It is available through this website, CD Baby, iTunes, or Spotify.

The current songwriting is his prime. Introspective lyrics that are easily identifiable as well as terrific melodies and hooks. Each song is complete unto itself. Rockers to quiet beauties to quirky strains of Syd Barrett-ness. So if songs are what you are after, you are in the right place. Greg is currently bolstering a 875+ catalog of ‘em! 

Greg engineered & produced an album by Elijah Ocean called "Bring It All In" at Waterfront Studios in Hudson, NY. It's available here -->

In 2016 Greg recorded & produced Cosmos Sunshine at Cowboy Technical Services in Brooklyn. The Butterfly Fight Club is now available on Bandcamp.

Sounds of Greg D recorded their newest release at Room 17 in Brooklyn, NY. It's called Mean Old, Bad Old World. The band is: Greg Di Gesu, Adam Bernstein, Jack Petruzzelli, & Ryan Thornton. It's available here on Bandcamp.

For a complete, streamable discography, of Greg's releases in various bands over the years go here --> 

Welcome to Sounds of Greg D


The Wooden Soldiers - Hippies, Punks and Rubber Men (1987) {Absolute A-Go-Go Records}
Wooden Soldiers - Roses of Steel (1990) {DaDa Records}
Fishermen's Stew - Letter To Norway (1995) {DaDa Records}
Fishermen's Stew - Hand To Mouth (1997) {Get Hooked Records}
Speedsters and Dopers - 9 o’clock in the Afternoon (2003) {Get Hooked Records}
Sounds of Greg D - My Little Monkey Got Caught (2006) {Get Hooked Records}

4 Sides of Greg D (2009) {online release}

Greg D - Live @ Sidewalk Cafe, NYC 6​.​14​.​13 {online release}

Sounds of Greg D - Mean Old, Bad Old World (2016) {online release}

** as well as an assortment of homemade, self-released cd’s.