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Greg D: Songwriter/Engineer

Sounds of Greg D

Blame Myself

My Little Monkey Got Caught


(Sounds of Greg D)

Having A Good Time

Rearranging of the Slobs

Greg D & Jack P

Aren't You?

Another Perfect Day

Standing in the Shadows With You

Solo Stuff

No Time For Philosophy

Old New Jersey

Marching in Twos

Sometimes Justified

A Stain Upon the Ferris Wheel

Love on the Go


Seafarin' Home

(Greg D & Johnny Jackpot)

Cry Baby Cry

Bad To The Outside

Southampton Dock

Speedsters and Dopers

Made To Suffer

(Speedsters and Dopers)

Iggy Pop

(Speedsters and Dopers)

What Can't Eat and Breathe

(Speedsters and Dopers)


(Speedsters and Dopers)

Fishermen's Stew

Small Life, Hollow Roads, and Fairy Tales


(Greg D)
Greg Di Gesu / Holger Muller
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